Orff Schulwerk 2019

Jun 10 2019 (All day) to Jun 21 2019 (All day)

Levels I, II, and III - June 10 - 21 / Masterclass - June 17 - 21

Level I This course includes the basic study of Orff techniques such as the pentatonic scale, simple borduns, the ostinato, and playing pitched and unpitched percussion instruments and the soprano recorder. Topics and skills in this highly participatory course will also include vocal and rhythmic training, movement, and improvisation. A degree in music or strong musicianship is required.

Level II This course builds on the foundation laid in Level I. Folk melodies, all diatonic modes, mixed meter, and rhythms from many parts of the world are included. Accompaniments, musical forms, and improvisations are more complex. Both alto and soprano recorders are studied. Music, movement, and speech are synthesized in cooperative learning lessons. Successful completion of Level I is required.

Level III will explore polymeters and functional harmony to include I-V, I-IV, and I-IV-V accompaniment settings. Forms will include theme and variations, chaconne & passacaglia, decoration of the third, and ground bass. In pedagogy, students will apply the Orff process to conceptual teaching. All recorder voicings will be explored in a variety of combinations. Successful completion of Level II is required.

Masterclass Elemental Explorations will focus on the creative process of the Schulwerk.  Through active exploration, participants will gain insight to foster creative, artful, and musical experiences in their classrooms.  Successful completion of Level III is required.

The national Orff organization, the American Orff Schulwerk Association, requires 100% attendance for the course in order for attendees to receive a certficiate.  


When your registration and payment are received you will be e-mailed a receipt.  The campus map, and workshop information, and letter from West Music are available on the website. A registration canceled by May 18, 2019 is refundable (less a $50 cancellation fee) or is transferable to another person. A registration canceled after May 18 is only transferable. A registration cancelled after the program has begun is not refundable or transferable. If registrations fall below the minimum number required to hold the class, Trinity University reserves the right to cancel the program and refund all fees. Central Texas Orff members receive a $50 discount.  If paying by credit card, please register online and enter your discount code to receive the $50.00 discount.  If paying by check, please deduct this amount from your payment.

Meals are available on the Trinity campus. 

Required texts and materials list is available for your review on the registration website. Text and materials will also be available for purchase at the workshop. 

Register Online or Download the Brochure and mail to:   

Trinity University

William Knox Holt Center

106 Oakmont Ct. 

San Antonio, TX 78212